Dinosaur rampage heroically stopped!

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It was the final attempt for the evening, after an hour and a half of steady improvements, in which we gradually perfected the first half of the Thok encounter on Heroic. Nobody expected a kill, or the Spanish Inquisition, as we still had a bit of work to do. But yetis were avoided, dinosaurs were kited, bats were fried, and eventually the big dino fell over.

Next up is Blackfuse, which we have already had some practice on.


5 comments to Dinosaur rampage heroically stopped!

  • Mushanga  says:

    Wait wait…?! 0_o

  • Multichef Multichef  says:

    ow wow… gz!

  • Kkat Kkat  says:

    The last try of the evning… that must be a first :D

  • amethysth amethysth  says:


  • grimreaper grimreaper  says:

    By the power of greyskull

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